Magni Gyro Nordic Oy Ltd


Welcome to Magni Gyro Nordic’s pages.

The world’s most popular autogyros, the Italian Magni, gyros are finally now available in the Nordic countries.  On the 4th of October, 2009 an agreement was signed in Italy that Magni Gyro Nordic Oy Ltd is the representative of Magni Gyros in Finland, Estonia, Sweden and Norway.

Magni Gyro Nordic has the goal that the autogyro should realize its full potential to be a safe, and useful aircraft available to sport aviation. This goal includes the demonstration of the excellent safety record for the Magni line of autogyros in the Nordic countries.

Magni Gyro started as a company decades ago and has certain connections to the Finnish autogyro design (see The Short History). Magni’s products are worldwide renowned for offering reliability and safety.

We are proud to be the sole agent for Magni Gyro in the Nordic Countries.